Chocolate Tasting


Tickets for ‘Introduction to Chocolate Tasting’ at the Exeter Chocolate Festival have sold out.

2019 sessions have been released and are now available to book on the following dates: 26th January, 23rd February, 30th March, 27th April.

2019 sessions are being held at Chococo (Gandy Street, Exeter) at 3pm – 4:15pm.

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Introduction to Chocolate Tasting 

Join festival organiser, trained educator and certified chocolate taster (with the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting) Nicola on a chocolate tasting journey through the basics of what is fine chocolate and the sensory elements used in chocolate tasting.

This 45 minute session will provide you with a good introduction into chocolate tasting and includes tasting 6 or more different origin or blended fine dark chocolate bars for an understanding of aroma, length, texture and taste.

An idea of what we will discuss, includes:

  • What is fine chocolate?
  • Taste and profile fine chocolate.
  • The main origins and varieties of cacao.
  • How the cacao is produced, and how chocolate is made.
  • Recognising flaws in chocolate.

Each attendee will receive a bar of chocolate to take away from the session, and contact details for any further questions not addressed during the event.

For further information, please email